Couples Massage

Love, Connect and Grow Through Touch™

This wonderful three hour workshop is designed for the couple who desires to "love, connect and grow through touch."™ If you are seeking a deeper level of Intimacy and or Trust, look no further. Taking the time to learn the very simple Kriya Massage techniques will have the two of you more in love than you ever thought possible. I promise!

Our workshop begins with a brief gathering to get settled in, meet the other couples, familiarize yourself with the gallery and your massage table, as well as go over what you can expect from our time together. I will give a brief demonstration of the Kriya massage techniques I have worked to perfect over the course of my career. Each couple will then proceed to their own massage table. I will move throughout the room(s) giving individual guidance to each participant while they are playfully achieving the techniques and getting into the flow of what they are learning.

Kriya is an "energetic and flow" style of massage. This style of massage is designed as "being in or creating a flow of energy through smooth and soothing movements. The intention is to create an energetic "connection" within the massage - for both the giver and the receiver. Kriya is very relaxing and nurturing, yet leans towards a sensual style of massage.

To be clear, there will be no "hanky panky" allowed. This is truly a course in massage technique, and while I hope to facilitate access to deepening your desire for one another, I ask that you save your sexual activities for the privacy of your own bedroom. {I encourage couples to consider the massage table to be a sacred space where only massage happens.} Touch is one of the most intimate sensations a human can experience and it requires trust in another to feel safe and let go. You will be surprised and dearly rewarded with the magic of Kriya when you hold this as a sacred space.

At this time, workshops are held on Sunday afternoon at State of the Arts Gallery. Advanced reservations are required. Contact Diane directly to reserve your table. Return to this site soon for updates on two wonderful retreats in Reims, France and Lacave, France. Subscribe to our email below to receive updates.

  • I have had numerous 2-hour deep tissue massages with Diane and all were superb. As I am getting older my exercise routine is taking more of a toll on my body, but Diane's skills are keeping me going strong! The finest massage I have ever had.

    Sarasota, FL

  • A unique massage experience, Diane has extraordinarily sensitive fingers with which she found those places where I unconsciously carry tension. Using light stretching and joint movements, combined with continuous massage of affected muscles, she relieved various pains and tightness's I typically ignore. This she did without asking me where to she would like me to focus.

    James Wright

  • Thank you for the peace you so graciously bring to my life through massage….1 and 1/2 hours of healing to my mind, body and spirit. The gift of nurturing hands as a professional massage therapist is very much appreciated from the heart! World travel and many spa experiences have given me the opportunity to compare the bliss of your talent…you are the best!

    Jeanne Babcock
    Weekly client for nine years until she passed on 2017

  • Her expertise coupled with her clients' wellness is amazing. I received so much healing so much healing through her.

    Jane Caseyn

  • You never know what you're going to get when you book a new therapist so I didn't have big expectations when I booked with Diane while I was in Sarasota for vacation. She was amazing! And quickly/intuitively figured out just what my body needed! Would see her all the time if I could...

    Jamie Barrutia

  • I saw Diane for the first time on a recent trip to Sarasota. It was a revelation. A healing experience and a restoration. Her energy is amazing. Cannot recommend her more highly. If you want to restore and relax and heal this is the place to go.

    Paul F.
    Sarasota, Fl

  • My massage was nothing less than amazing and I cannot imagine ever going to see someone else now. I was totally relaxed with you - not easy to get me there. You're about as good as one can get.

    Dave Sobieski
    Chicago, IL

  • My husband and I both have been getting regular massages from Diane for seven or eight years now. We've had a number of masseuses over the years, and we both feel Diane offers the best experience and outcomes. It's no surprise to us that Diane has been named top masseuse in Sarasota.

    Meredith Rutter
    Sarasota, Fl

  • I am an avid squash player and have played football, basketball, participated in field events, and played many years of club tennis. Ms. Lane has kept me showing up three times a week to play squash when many friends have fallen by the wayside due to hip and knee injuries and repairs (one friend has had all four joints replaced). I take no medications, play pain-free, and credit it all to the superb massage therapy I have received over the years from Ms. Lane. I recommend her without reservation.

    Byron J Masterson, M. D.
    86 years young

  • One of the best massages I've ever had. Very relaxing, she makes you feel at ease. The essential oils are wonderful, too.

    Crissy Albanese
    NYC, NY

  • Diane is very thorough, passionate about her work, and takes the time to make her treatment the best in the business.

    Roy Mimbs
    Weekly Client - Two Hours

  • She's the best! I have seen Diane every Friday for 90 minutes for nearly 12 years now. That says it all!!

    R. J. Steiner
    Chicago, IL & Sarasota, FL

  • If I could give 6 stars I would. I was in town for work and was looking for a good massage after a long week. She was a quick walk from the Ritz to downtown on Main Street. Her style of great deep pressure and stretching was perfect. The hot towels at the end are a nice touch! Go see Diane, you won't regret it.

    Greg G.
    Olmsted Falls, OH